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TUI Faces Backlash After Mum Banned From Breastfeeding on Flight Receives ‘Uncomfortable’ Response

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“Mother’s Complaint of Breastfeeding Ban on TUI Flight Garners Outrage over Company’s Response”

Chelsea Williams, a mother of two, has sparked controversy after being prohibited from breastfeeding her six-week-old baby during a TUI flight to Almeria, Spain, on July 26. Chelsea had planned to breastfeed her infant during take-off to alleviate potential discomfort in the baby’s ears, a practice recommended by experts to prevent ear-popping sensations. She was surprised when a member of the cabin crew informed her that breastfeeding wasn’t allowed at that time.

Chelsea’s frustration grew after she contacted TUI’s customer support to address the issue. In a surprising response, she was told not to breastfeed on the plane as it might make others uncomfortable, despite there being no official restrictions against it. Chelsea’s husband also sought clarification through TUI’s app, receiving a similar unexpected reply over a week later.

The incident left Chelsea feeling embarrassed and anxious during the flight, especially as her baby began to cry due to the discomfort. She expressed disappointment in TUI’s handling of the situation, labeling it as discrimination against breastfeeding mothers. Chelsea subsequently shared a screenshot of her conversation with TUI on Facebook, condemning the airline’s stance and calling for improved diversity and inclusion training.

TUI later issued an apology for the distress caused and announced an internal investigation. They confirmed plans to retrain all colleagues on their breastfeeding-friendly policy. A spokesperson emphasized TUI’s support for breastfeeding and their commitment to creating a family-friendly travel experience.

Chelsea’s story sparked outrage among many, with social media users expressing solidarity with breastfeeding mothers and criticizing TUI’s response. Some users questioned the airline’s double standards in allowing other forms of eating and drinking while seemingly prohibiting a natural and essential act like breastfeeding. TUI’s subsequent apology and promise of retraining have been met with mixed reactions, with some calling for broader policy changes and increased sensitivity towards breastfeeding mothers.

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