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Tragic Discovery: Bodies Found in Rio Grande Near US-Mexico Border Sparks Controversy

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Two bodies were tragically discovered in the Rio Grande river near the US-Mexico border, as reported by officials.

According to a statement from Mexico’s Foreign Affairs Secretary and Mexico’s Migration Institute, one body was found entangled in the lines of orange buoys that had been installed by Texas authorities near the border. Separately, the Beta Group of Piedras Negras found the second body in the same area where the buoys were placed.

The Texas Department of Public Safety informed the Mexican Consulate in Eagle Pass, Texas, about the incident, and efforts to recover the body are being led by the Mexican National Institute of Migration’s assistance unit, as stated by the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The cause of death and the nationality of the deceased are yet to be determined, and the identities of the bodies remain unknown. It is still unclear whether the deceased individuals were migrants.

A spokesperson for the Texas Department of Public Safety stated that they first noticed a possible drowning victim floating upstream from the buoys and immediately notified the CBP and the Mexican Consulate. Later that day, another body was discovered at the marine barrier.

Preliminary information suggests that the first individual drowned upstream from the marine barrier and drifted into the buoys. The marine barrier is manned at all times to prevent any attempts by migrants to cross.

The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed their disapproval of the buoys, considering them a violation of their country’s sovereignty. They voiced concerns about the impact on the human rights and safety of migrants due to these state policies, which they believe contradict the close collaboration between Mexico and the federal government of the United States. The ministry pledged to follow up on the case through the Mexican Consulate in Eagle Pass, maintaining communication with the relevant authorities in both Mexico and the United States to gather more information and request a thorough investigation.

The Texas Department of Public Safety installed the floating barriers along portions of the Rio Grande river, acting on the direction of Governor Greg Abbott, as a measure to deter migrants from unlawfully crossing into the United States from Mexico. In response to this initiative, the US Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against Governor Abbott over the use of these buoys.

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