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Tornado Warning and Severe Storms: Safety Precautions and Weather Forecast for Massachusetts and New Hampshire

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Stay informed and prepared for severe weather conditions in northeastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire. A tornado warning has been issued, and a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado is moving through Maynard, Massachusetts. Additionally, a tornado watch is in effect for several states in the region. Flash flood warnings are also in place for parts of New Hampshire and Connecticut.

Tornado Warning and Watches:

Essex and Middlesex counties in northeastern Massachusetts are under a tornado warning until 8:45 a.m., while southern and central New Hampshire are advised to stay vigilant until 9 a.m. These areas may experience tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. Take cover immediately and beware of flying debris. Damage to structures, including mobile homes, roofs, windows, vehicles, and trees, is likely.

A tornado watch is in effect until 3 p.m. for Connecticut, Massachusetts, southern Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. This means that conditions are favorable for tornadoes and severe thunderstorms in these regions.

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Flash Flood Warning:

Parts of Merrimack, Hillsborough, and Rockingham counties in New Hampshire, as well as Litchfield County in northern Connecticut, are under a flash flood warning. Heavy rainfall is anticipated, with 1-3 inches expected across most of New England. Some areas may receive 3-5 inches or more. Flash flooding, urban flooding, small stream flooding, and river flooding are likely. Western New England, including the Boston area, is at a moderate risk for excessive rainfall.

Weather Forecast:

Expect showers and storms throughout the day, intensifying during the afternoon and evening hours. The heaviest rainfall and storms are predicted during this period. The rain will persist through midnight and into the early hours of Monday. Be cautious when driving as flooded roads and low-lying areas may pose risks, particularly before sunrise.

In addition to heavy rain, there is a chance of strong to severe embedded thunderstorms. These storms may bring lightning, damaging straight-line winds, and potentially brief tornadoes. The atmospheric conditions indicate a 2% chance of a tornado occurring anywhere in New England.

Extended Outlook:

Monday morning will likely bring widespread flooded roads and low-lying areas. Exercise caution if traveling before sunrise due to reduced visibility. The weather will improve during the day, with warm and sunny conditions, and temperatures reaching the upper 80s. Expect favorable weather throughout most of the following week.

Tuesday may bring overnight storms following another day in the 80s. Lower humidity and temperatures in the low 80s are expected on Wednesday and Thursday. Scattered storms may return by Friday, persisting into part of the weekend.

Stay safe, stay informed, and prepare for the potential impact of severe weather in your area.

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