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Threads vs. Twitter: Can Meta’s New App Keep Creators Hooked?

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Threads has become a popular choice among creators who previously weren’t fans of Twitter, and now Meta, the parent company of Instagram, is striving to retain their interest. One such creator, Brian Moller, known as B Mo the Prince, has embraced Threads wholeheartedly. With a massive following on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, Moller had avoided Twitter due to its unsuitable vibe for his comedy sketches.

Threads saw rapid growth, attracting over 100 million users in its first week, largely because it allowed existing Instagram users to easily connect with their followers on the new platform. However, the initial enthusiasm seems to be dwindling, as analytics firms report a drop in engagement.

Creators like Moller see potential in Threads to expand their reach and entertain a wider audience. Meta has introduced some updates to the app, but it still lacks essential features that could help creators grow their audience further. Threads’ algorithmic feed and lack of topic searches hinder creators from capitalizing on trending discussions as they can on platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

The executives at Instagram are positioning Threads as a friendlier alternative to Twitter, focusing more on entertainment and lifestyle content rather than news and politics. This shift appeals to many creators who find Twitter’s combative nature off-putting. However, despite the initial interest in Threads, some creators remain cautious and are waiting to see if the platform can sustain its momentum.

At present, creators do not have the means to monetize their presence on Threads as there is no advertising or clear opportunities for brand partnerships. YouTube remains the preferred platform for creators to build lasting careers due to its ability to keep viewers engaged for longer periods.

While Twitter is attempting to attract creators by offering some verified users payments for ads served in their conversations, the lack of transparency around the payment system has left some hesitant.

Overall, Threads has the potential to become a valuable platform for creators if it can offer better analytics and features to support their growth. Creators like Jack Appleby hope that Threads will allow them to express themselves more fully and authentically, making it a more human and engaging space for both creators and audiences. Brian Moller is optimistic that with Meta’s support, Threads will continue to be a playful and fun platform that can boost his entertainment career.

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