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Hunter Biden Indicted on Felony Gun Charges: Latest Updates on President’s Son

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Hunter Biden, who is the son of President Joe Biden, has been charged with serious gun-related offenses by special counsel David Weiss. These charges put a lot of legal pressure on Hunter Biden, especially after his previous plea agreement with prosecutors fell apart recently.

The charges against Hunter Biden include falsely stating information while buying a firearm, providing false information to a licensed gun dealer, and possessing a firearm while being involved with controlled substances.

For a while now, prosecutors have been looking into Hunter Biden’s business activities and personal life. This investigation led to a plea deal in June, where Hunter Biden was supposed to plead guilty to minor tax offenses and avoid prosecution for a felony gun charge. However, this deal fell apart in July when a judge raised concerns about it, creating disagreements between the two sides.

In August, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Weiss as a special counsel with the authority to bring charges against Hunter Biden in any part of the country. Negotiations between the two parties reached a deadlock, and Hunter Biden’s lawyers accused Weiss’ office of going back on their agreement.

Hunter Biden’s legal team insists that the original agreement is still valid, while Weiss’ team claims it’s not because it wasn’t signed by the probation officer.

Weiss has now filed court papers indicating his intention to bring the felony gun charge against Hunter Biden by the end of this month. This might not be the only charge he faces, as Weiss plans to withdraw the minor tax charges in Delaware and bring them to California and Washington, D.C., where the alleged misconduct took place. However, no timeline has been provided for these charges.

On another front, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has announced plans to start an impeachment inquiry against President Biden, alleging his involvement in his son’s influence-peddling. The White House has criticized this move, saying the president has not done anything wrong and calling it “extreme politics.”

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