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Explosive New Charges: Trump, Aide, and Mar-a-Lago Worker Accused of Deleting Classified Documents and Security Footage!

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Special counsel Jack Smith has expanded the classified documents case against former President Donald Trump, presenting significant new allegations that Trump and his employees attempted to delete security footage at Mar-a-Lago. This footage was sought by a grand jury investigating the mishandling of government records.

The new charges were brought forward in a superseding indictment handed up by a grand jury in Florida on Thursday. The indictment adds Mar-a-Lago employee Carlos De Oliveira as a third defendant, alongside Trump and Walt Nauta, accusing them all of obstructing the investigation by attempting to delete security footage at Trump’s Florida resort. Furthermore, Trump faces an additional charge related to the allegedly mishandled classified documents at the center of the case. Prosecutors have identified a new document, possibly concerning Iran attack plans, which they claim Trump unlawfully retained.

Previously, Trump and Nauta had pleaded not guilty to the initial charges brought by Smith last month. The new charges highlight the legal jeopardy that Trump now finds himself in. Notably, there is still the possibility of an indictment against Trump in Smith’s election subversion probe, and more charges are expected in the Fulton County, Georgia, investigation into Trump and his allies’ post-election conduct.

Here’s what you need to know about the new charges in the classified documents case:

  1. Trump’s Alleged Request for Deletion of Security Footage The indictment accuses Trump of being part of the effort to delete Mar-a-Lago’s security footage after it was subpoenaed. It states that Trump “requested” a resort employee to delete the footage in order to prevent it from being provided to the federal grand jury. De Oliveira allegedly played a significant role in this attempt. He told another Trump employee, the director of IT at Mar-a-Lago, that “the boss” wanted the server deleted. This conversation occurred in June 2022 after prosecutors had already subpoenaed the security footage. De Oliveira also spoke with Trump twice over the phone after Trump’s lawyers were informed of the subpoena.
  2. Trump’s Alleged Mishandling of an Iran Attack Plan The new indictment adds a count that brings the total number of charges against Trump to 32 for retaining national defense information. This includes a new count related to a classified document described as a top secret “presentation concerning military activity in a foreign country.” The document, reportedly involving Iran attack plans, was allegedly discussed by Trump in a taped July 2021 interview with biographers at his golf club in New Jersey. The indictment contradicts Trump’s past denials, as he had previously described the document in question as a news clipping and denied its status as a government document.
  3. Carlos De Oliveira – A New Defendant The court filings reveal De Oliveira’s alleged role in the attempt to delete the security footage at Mar-a-Lago. He is Mar-a-Lago’s property manager, having previously worked as a valet at the resort. De Oliveira was also charged with making false statements during an interview with the FBI in January, where he was asked about the movement of boxes at the Florida resort.
  4. De Oliveira’s arraignment on the new charges is scheduled to take place in Miami’s federal courthouse on Monday morning before Chief Magistrate Judge Edwin G. Torres. The impact of these new charges on the trial against Trump and Nauta, which is currently set for late May 2024 in Ft. Pierce, Florida, remains to be seen. Prosecutors have stated that the additional charges and the new defendant should not cause any delay in the current schedule.
  5. In response to the new charges, Trump expressed his belief that they amount to “election interference at the highest level” and “prosecutorial misconduct.” He also claimed that his position in the 2024 presidential election polls has made him a target of the Justice Department. Meanwhile, attorneys for De Olivera and Nauta have chosen not to comment on the matter.

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