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Desperate Plea: Mother’s Nightmare as US Soldier Vanishes into North Korea’s Dark Unknown

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“Life Turned into a Nightmare for Mother of US Soldier Detained in North Korea”

The mother of a U.S. soldier held captive in North Korea is enduring a harrowing ordeal as she grapples with the mystery surrounding her son’s situation. U.S. Army Private 2nd Class Travis King, 23, reportedly crossed the demilitarized zone from South Korea into North Korea two weeks ago, according to defense officials. However, since then, his exact whereabouts and condition have remained unknown.

It was confirmed by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on Monday that King had crossed into their territory. Prior to this incident, he had spent 47 days in a South Korean jail following an altercation with locals at a bar, after which he was released in June. He was expected to return to Fort Bliss, Texas, but unexpectedly fled across the border on July 18, just before boarding a flight at South Korea’s Incheon International Airport. U.S. officials believe he was taken away in a van in North Korea, but they have no further information on his well-being.

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Claudine Gates, King’s mother, expressed her disbelief that her son would risk his life by escaping across the heavily fortified area. She described her son as the type who would have wanted to come home rather than take such a dangerous step. Both Claudine and her brother Myron refuted reports of King being drunk during the initial arrest, asserting that he wasn’t a drinker and tended to isolate himself during family gatherings where alcohol was served.

The family revealed that King had been struggling in the months leading up to his disappearance, often sending them cryptic messages through phone calls and texts while he was overseas. They received YouTube links to songs, which they believed were coded messages indicating that he was in distress. This unusual communication left them uncertain whether they were speaking to King himself or someone else entirely.

Claudine recounted a chilling phone call where her son repeatedly screamed, “I’m not the Army soldier you want me to be,” leaving her deeply concerned for his well-being. Despite the family’s efforts to get in touch with the White House or the U.S. State Department, they have yet to receive any communication. However, they have been in contact with Sen. Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin.

The uncertainty and distress are taking a heavy toll on the family, with Claudine admitting to being temporarily hospitalized and prescribed anti-depressant medication due to the traumatic aftermath of King’s disappearance. As a devoted mother, all she wishes for is to hear her son’s voice again and see him returned safely home.

The situation has left the family in anguish, as they fear for King’s life and well-being while being held captive in North Korea. Their plea to the North Korean authorities is simple: they just want their beloved son back safe and sound. The family’s desperation for answers and resolution to this dire situation has turned their lives upside down, leaving them in an agonizing limbo, waiting and hoping for a positive outcome.

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