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Arizona Woman’s Coffee Plot: Accused Attempt to Poison Husband Stuns Nation!

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Arizona Woman Accused of Trying to Poison Husband with Coffee

A shocking case has come to light in Arizona, where Melody Felicano Johnson of Tucson is facing serious charges after allegedly attempting to kill her husband by poisoning his coffee over several months. The incident came to light when her husband, Roby Johnson, serving in the US Air Force, started noticing an unusual taste in his coffee back in March while the couple was stationed in Germany.

According to court documents obtained by CNN affiliate KVOA, Roby Johnson decided to investigate further and used pool testing strips to discover high levels of chlorine in his coffee pot. Suspecting foul play, he set up a hidden camera and was stunned to witness Melody pouring an unidentified substance into the coffee maker.

The situation took a darker turn when Roby revealed to investigators that he believed his wife was trying to kill him to collect death benefits. The couple was already going through a divorce at the time, but they were still living together with their child.

In a brave move, Roby decided to wait until they returned to the United States before filing a police report. Once back at Davis Monthan Air Force Base, he continued his surveillance with multiple hidden cameras, capturing Melody in the act of adding bleach to the coffee maker.

Melody Johnson was indicted by a grand jury on charges of first-degree attempted murder, attempting to commit aggravated assault, and poisoning food or drink. At her arraignment, she entered a not guilty plea and is currently being held at the Pima County Jail pending her next court appearance on September 6.

In light of the seriousness of the charges and the fact that Melody recently purchased a house in the Philippines near her family, prosecutors requested a bond of $250,000, stating that she may be considered a flight risk.

CNN reached out to Melody Johnson’s public defender for comment but has not received an immediate response.

This disturbing incident has left the community shocked and has raised concerns about domestic violence and its far-reaching consequences. As the case unfolds, authorities will continue to investigate, ensuring justice is served for all parties involved.

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